Thursday, December 02, 2010


There was a moment today when the girls were playing together without bickering, screaming or tattling. Of course I had to take a picture of this miraculous event.
Yes, those are pajama bottoms that Kate is wearing with her dress. And yes...she did wear them to school. But hey-she wore pants. So you will hear no complaining from me.

What was Robbie doing while his sisters were so nicely working together to solve a work puzzle? Sitting in his new chair, playing with his cars and Little People, of course. Ok, it's Mommy's new chair, but we haven't put the legs on yet, or really decided where it and its sibling chair are going to actually go, but nevermind. It's a new chair, and it's Robbie height, and he loves it. Loves it. You should see how pissed off he gets if anyone else sits in it.I had to include this picture because you have to see how many silly bandz my eldest wore to school today. Her right arm, the one she's writing with. How many is that? Like 30? I don't get it, but I'm sure I felt the same way about jelly bracelets or something when I was her age.

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The Captain said...

All the boy needs is a beer in his one hand a remote in the other. Glad you at least got a moment of domestic tranquility.Thanks for the pictures.