Saturday, August 06, 2011

Day at the Races

Today was the last day of summer swimming for the girlies. We had our final, very low key swim meet this morning. It was Kate's first opportunity to swim an event this summer. Can you guess how excited she was to take first place in her heat? You can't tell by the picture, but she was pretty jazzed. She wanted to know if she could swim in the fall (no) and when would her next race be (next summer). From not wanting to get in the pool last summer to swimming 25 yards freestyle by herself...what a difference a year makes.

Padyn chose to swim 3 events today: backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle, all 25 yards. She took the backstroke race in her heat (so excited!), came in 5th in breaststroke (very disappointed until I pointed out that had it been a proper race, 3 kids who beat her would have been disqualified for not actually using breaststroke kick) and 3rd in free (she missed 1st by a second and 2nd place by a fraction of a second).
All in all, a pretty fun and successful morning!

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