Saturday, August 20, 2011

Haircuts and Candlemaking

A bit over a week ago, we did a little candle making with some dear friends at a very fun little shopt while visiting Grandpa and Mimi. We also had very scraggly and unkept hair. Today, the girls got haircuts. Now we have candles (that we are forced to light at every meal) AND nice hair! See for yourself...

Before (working on her candle) Today! (New Kindergarten student!)

Before (not the greatest expression, I know)

Today! (She was very serious about posing for all her photos today)

Katelyn picked the length of her hair. She actually wanted it shorter, but I managed to convince her that a bit longer would be better. (I was afraid of tears tomorrow). She loves her new hair.

Padyn just wanted a trim, but wanted her hair straightened. She got it! Thankfully, I have a very kind and patient hairstylist who works very well (and quickly!) with the girls. Everyone is very happy with their new, slightly more grown-up haircuts.

And I will be even more happy during hairbrushing time in the morning!

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