Monday, August 22, 2011

Strange Children

I have strange children who live in my house with me. Most days they do normal strange children things, like refuse to eat the "crust" of the quesadilla or demand to wear sweatshirts when it is 97 degrees. Some days it is really out there, like not liking to eat the cookie part of a chocolate chip cookie (many crumbly bits all over the floor) or going to bed in 5 pairs of pajamas. Yes. Five. When it is still 80 degrees in the house. AND sleeping under her down comforter.

I can't capture it all, but in the past week I got a few things to share....

Dressing up with sheer skirts. (Fortunately this time, she kept her clothes on underneath. Usually she only has on underwear and throws a fit when I won't let her go over to the neighbor's house to play like that. )I didn't take these pictures, nor do I recall this incident, so I must not have been present. I wonder if Daddy really encouraged Robbie to put that skirt on, or if he did it himself...

With a unicorn in one hand and Lightening McQueen in the other. What could be better?Two in a recliner is better one, I guess. I didn't witness the beginning of this transaction, just the end result. I'm sure Padyn was there first, and Robbie decided it looked like a good spot to play with his cars.

Notice the anklet on P? She's been wearing that all the time these past couple weeks. Not sure where that idea sprang from...

Apparently suspending yourself between the couch and the coffee table is just as comfortable as reclining in the chair. idea. Missed the set up, just saw the end product.Is there a better spot to play with your iTouch? Since I saw him doing this again today, with iTouch in hand, there must not be.

And lastly, our dress-up queen has moved onto pretend injuries. Here is her "broken leg" in its "cast." I'll have you know she wore that 4 socked cast to bed tonight.

Oh, and this is the kid that doesn't wear shoes and SOCKS, remember? But according to her, 4 socks are more comfortable than one. Maybe I could buy her shoes 2 sizes too big? Then her huge socked foot would fit into them and we'd be done with this battle.

I doubt I will ever win the "Wearing Dress That Falls Off Shoulder" Battle, though. Too bad. As they say, gotta pick 'em.

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