Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Grammatical Forms

You know what every two year old's favorite word is, right? MINE. And Robbie is no exception. Everything is MINE. Mommy's iTouch, Katelyn's markers, Padyn's shoes...and usually when you say, "Is that yours, Robbie?" he responds with, "NO! MINE!"

But not today. Today he started moving into the next level of language proficiency.

I let him play with my iTouch, or "Chica" as he so affectionately calls it, while I was helping the girls get ready for bed. After a brief struggle which almost involved wrestling him out of the rocking chair, I managed to take the iTouch out of his hand and convince him it was time to read a book. As I put the device in my pocket, he looked longingly at it, then up and me and said, very clearly, "Yours."

Such a big boy he is becoming!

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Mommy Jules said...

That is so sweet!