Monday, October 24, 2011


Our local university airport had their annual open house this weekend. We decided to check it out. The kids always like seeing the other side of Daddy's life. These airplanes are, of course, much smaller than the ones Daddy flies, but still....we did see the plane that Daddy did his first solo flight in.

As soon as we got out to the runway, Robbie started running out toward the airplanes shouting, "Airplanes!"

The girls liked the paint job on this one...

...but the rainbow plane was Kate's declared favorite.The kids hung out inside an Army chopper for a while.

Robbie did not want to leave this seat once he was strapped in. Safety first!

I think she is feeling the fabric wing...or she is just posing. She's good at that.

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The Captain said...

Please for your own future happiness keep the children away from Airplanes.Especially the Boy! Lovely pictures!