Monday, October 17, 2011


Actually, Robbie, today you are two and a half.

What do you like to do at 2 1/2? The same things you liked to do at 2, but now you talk about them more. You LOVE talking about what you are doing. You are the master of stating the obvious. But you do it in this super cute way, as if you are asking a question, so it isn't too annoying. Well, not me your Daddy and me. Padyn sometimes gets annoyed, but you can just ignore her.

You like to climb and jump (two footed) and run and yell and dance and sing. You love playing the piano and reading a book. You love your cars and your sisters. And your mommy and daddy.

Your favorite phrases include, "I did it!" "Tah-dah!" "Great job!" "Carry me!" "NO! I no want it!" "Actually, no." "Mommy, sit in my lap." "Change my diaper." "Play Chica?" "Watch Cars?" I see Daddy!"

You wake up in the morning exceptionally happy, but not always so from your nap. You are really really REALLY cranky when you have to poop. It's almost impossible to do anything else because you just want to be held. You love dancing around to some song in your head and you have this funny little wiggle-sideways-chicken-winged move that you do. And the look on your face as you are doing it tells me you KNOW you are being silly and you LOVE it.

You are super adorable and we love you so. Even when you are a pouty whiny mess. Can't wait to see what 3 brings!

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