Friday, October 14, 2011

Photo Friday-Grandpa's Barn

One of our many local pumpkin patches has a little barn petting zoo. Last year I made the mistake of only taking the kids once during the month of October. This year, we bought "season passes" (I know, I know. Can you really call the month of October a season?) so that we can go as many times (and for as little duration) as we like. If there are too many people holding the kittens, we can say, "Oh well. We'll come back tomorrow and hold the kitties." And everyone stays happy.

We've been three times already in the past 12 days. I'd say I'm getting my money's worth. The first day we went, it started raining so I didn't pull out the camera. But here are some photos from our last two visits.

The ducklings are more popular than the chicks. They don't squirm as much when you hold them.These guys are my pygmy goats. I so want to bring one home...P and C posing the on hay pyramid that hasn't quite been finished yet.

Daddy and Robbie in front of what I think is supposed to be some type of maze, but is really just trampled vegetation.

Robbie-King of the Hay Pyramid

The first week, the hay maze wasn't finished yet. Yesterday was our first visit where it was complete. The kids loved it. I don't love losing Robbie in it, but fortunately, it's not that big.

Hay maze Queen

Katelyn found a fuzzy friend that didn't live in the barn.

Robbie did not want to have his picture taken with me. I had to resort to tickling to get him to smile and look at the camera.
Padyn asked for this picture to be taken. I think her exact words were, "Take one of me sitting on the fence." But don't call her "cute." Apparently she hates that.We ran into one of Kate's preschool friends at the patch. (As well as some church and school friends, but we only took pictures with these guys.) The boys decided this kennel looked like a good place to hang out. Kate and Robbie thought so, too.
In a cage...right where they belong. Happy Friday. Maybe we'll get out to the corn bath pumpkin patch this weekend and get more fun photos.

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