Friday, May 09, 2008

Photo Friday- Kooky Kid Edition

Here's a few pics of my beautiful girls...not looking their most beautiful. But they look like they are having fun, don't they? Run run as fast as you can...
Salute the chalkThis one I put in because I wanted you to notice her playmates. I'm not sure what Sleeping Beauty was coloring...maybe she's the artistic director.Cheeeeeeeezzzzzze..........Having too much fun... Happy Friday


The Girls' Moma said...

Ok, first i want to say that I love recognizng the outfits that Kate wears. I love seeing them come to life again on her!

Also -- look how LONG her hair is getting! Will she be getting an actual haircut soon?

p & k's mommy said...

Probably no on the haircut. One, because I don't want to lose the curls, and two, it's still so short on the top, I'm afraid that a cut would still look silly because she doesn't have the top length to pull it off. We'll see. I gave P her "first" haircut (me with some sheers, straight across the back) when she was just about 3.

I love the clothes! But seriously, I have so many, they don't all fit in her drawers.