Monday, December 29, 2008

Photo Christmas-Holiday Offerings

The other day I briefly mentioned four Christmases. I wasn't joking. (I kinda wish I was, as there really can be too much of a good thing...) The pictures I posted here were from celebrating Christmas the Sunday before the 25th with my mom and my sisters. On Tuesday before the big day, we celebrated at my dad's house with my sisters. The following pictures are just a small snapshot of that one:

Princess gear was the big hit with Kate this year. She should have gotten enough dress-up clothes and accessories to last her until she's 13.

Auntie was trying to get a good picture with Kate. Kate never had a good one. But this one is good of Auntie and Papa.
Here we all our glory. And look, Kate actually has a nice smile in this one. Papa, look great, but it's supposed to be a silly shot.Christmas morning found us quietly on our own for a little while. We were camped out at our good friends' house while they were away with their family. I hauled all our presents over there so the ladies would no be disappointed on Christmas morning. Padyn was already very concerned about whether Santa would know where to find her or not. I didn't want a major melt-down Christmas morning, so the car got loaded up the night before while the girls were sleeping.
The girls had a stack of presents to open from us and a few from Santa. Most of the items were articles of clothing (remember the nightgowns? That's where they came in), but there were a few toys. A big red scooter for Kate and some baby doll accessories for Padyn. One of the things I put in each of their stockings was a game. Here they are learning to play Barrel of Monkeys. Daddy clearly rocks at this one.

Searching for goodies.Yup, more dress-up clothes. But hey, it was on clearance for $4 at Target. How could I not buy it. And no, that's not our piano. Gan would be very upset if we took that home with us. Christmas evening found us at my grandmother's house, which was a little bizarre since my grandmother was in the hospital after having a heart attack the week before. (She's doing well, thank you for asking) Rather than cancel Christmas with my extended family on my dad's side (aunts, uncles, cousins and more cousins-I think it was 29 once you counted all the kidlets and babies) we gathered anyway. Not as many presents, and none that the girls opened that night (and boy did I hear about that from miss Padyn!) but still another celebration, late night, and craziness. We were all done by the end.
We should be done now. We are enjoying the rest of Padyn's Christmas vacation alternating between vegging out at home and visiting with friends. We are not planning any big outings, though Padyn does keep mentioning wanting to ice skate. I don't think Mommy's ever expanding belly would do well with that, nor do I think it would match Padyn's expectations. Tonight she asked me if there was a house nearby with a pond that we could skate on. (Too much Angelina Ballerina Ice Skating book). We might need to wait until next year. Besides, she has tiny feet. I don't know that they make ice skates small enough for her.
If I don't post again beforehand, Happy New Year.

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Erin said...

Happy New Year! Fortunately for us, we only have three Christmases this year. We've already had ours, and then we'll celebrate with each side of the family in a week or so. BUT, I know exactly what you mean when you can get too much of a good thing. Hope you guys are enjoying relaxing!