Monday, December 15, 2008


For those of you keeping track of such things...

*Kate is now a big girl. Not only does she wear big girl underpants ALL THE TIME and is completely potty trained (because she decided she wanted to be), she now has her very own big girl bed. (Sorry, no picture at this time.) She loves her bed. It wasn't an issue at all for her to sleep there. Every night (and nap time) she snuggles down under the down comforter, tucks BooBoo under one arm and her Dora blanket under the other, and with Paci firmly between her lips, she happily curls up on her left side. She's a hot sweaty mess when she wakes up, but she's happy.

*Speaking of sleeping, Kate doesn't sleep in clothes anymore. When we put pjs on her, she takes them off as soon as we are out the door. So I don't bother anymore. Why? It's just a waste of our time. At naptime, she strips down before climbing into bed and demands that I take her hair out of whatever ponytail I've put it in. I won't let her sleep in underwear yet, so it's just my naked girl and her pull-up and her messy messy hair. But hey...she's happy.

*Baby #3 is apparently growing. At least, my belly keeps protruding further and further past the rest of my torso. We have our big ultrasound on January 2nd. And yes...we'll find out what it is. We always do. If you want to be surprised, then don't ask.

*By the way, since some of you have asked, my due date is May 10th.

*Padyn got a Razor scooter for her birthday and has surprisingly mastered it. I was sure she'd be all stiff and not want to try to glide. But she really loves it. In fact, it seems to have replaced her bike when we go for our daily ride around the block. I can't remember the last time she rode her bike.

*The girls have reached a stage where they bicker/tease/purposely annoy each other constantly. Ok, it's probably not constantly, but it feels like that. I used to try to intervene all the time and remind them to speak nicely, or ask for things instead of demand, or JUST BE PLEASANT, but it was starting to really make me pissy. So, now, most of the time I ignore it and see if they can work it out themselves. They can't. 3 out of 4 times it ends up physical-a sly shove by Padyn or a blatant hair pulling by Kate...then I have to get involved and the crying and time outs and taking away of computers ensues. Why can't they just play nice? It's driving me crazy.

*Padyn had a bladder infection scare last week. Not fun, especially since it was Saturday night and we were at my mom's house in the middle of nowhere, Oregon. I found an urgent care on Sunday morning that took my insurance, and apparently she didn't have one. I continued to load her up on fluids and cranberry juice for the next three days and that seemed to put her past it. We haven't had a frantic, "I have to go potty!" for almost a week now.

*Kate continues to be a defiant Little Miss Thing. She has mastered the "NO!" and the arms crossed, chin down pout thing that all two year olds can do. But yet, in many ways she seems worse than Padyn was at this age. I don't remember Padyn being so blatantly defiant until she was 3. I don't know if it's a second kid thing, or a personality issue or what, but as my friend Andrea says, I'll either pay now or pay later. I'd rather pay now while I have much more control, thank-you-very-much.

*Which, in turn, makes me a little nervous about #3's arrival. I really don't dwell much on the fact I'm having a third child yet. I think my brain would explode if I did, so I just ignore it until I'm hungry again or my jeans are too tight (I'm avoiding those maternity pants like the plague). For now, I'm just going to continue to ignore the fact that our world is about to drastically change AGAIN and keep on top of Kate's behavior as much as possible. Maybe by May, a miracle will occur. Or maybe I'll just be spending a lot of time at home with my children in front of the TV.

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Erin said...

I am right there with you on the purposeful antagonizing between the girls. Callie is obviously much better at it since she's older, but Avery can do it, too. She knows what will push Callie's buttons. I am doing the same thing--not getting involved until I absolutely have to. Fortunately most of the time the girls will stop on their own or someone will get bored. But a lot of times I have to intervene, which means someone gets in trouble and then I have to deal with that, too. Gah. It never ends, huh?