Monday, April 13, 2009

Kate's Birthday Party

Here are a few shots of last week's birthday girl. These were taken at playgroup where we had a little celebration for Kate's 3rd birthday in the form of cupcakes and an egg hunt.

Funny, when you ask her how old she is, she'll say she's not three yet because she isn't a big sister yet. Guess she believed that her brother would be born as soon as she turned three.

But in other amazing news, she has given up the pacifier. It's been a week now since we told her she was a big girl now and didn't need it anymore. She occasionally asks for it, but there has been no major trauma or showdown. I keep waiting for the middle of the night drama. I'm sure it's coming...

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kjb said...

Oh my gosh, Kate is ADORABLE!! She suddenly looks like such a big girl. She must be getting ready to be a big sister. Hope you're feeling well and all the chaos of renovation isn't driving you mad. Love to K, P & J and give the belly a rub. -Kel