Thursday, April 02, 2009

Nap in a Box

The girls have been playing with these boxes I used to haul our loot home from Costco yesterday. Padyn is all into cutting, taping and gluing these days, so she is slowly taking hers apart. Kate, on the other hand, thought hers would make a good bed this afternoon.

She insisted that she was going to take a nap in her box. I wasn't up for an argument or an attempt at a discussion of logic with her, so I just said, "Ok, but you can't take your pillow. It will be too big." So here she is, trying to get all cozy in her box.

This is how I left her. When I came back in the room 20 minutes later to put Padyn down (she said she was tired and wanted to sleep with Kate), Kate was already in her bed, all snuggled down, drawing on her doodle pad. She said nothing about the box.

When I went in two hours later and woke her up, the first thing she said was, "I couldn't sleep in my box because you didn't take my hair out of my pony tail."

Apparently it was the hair that made the box an unattractive option for naptime. I'll remember that in the future.


Rochelle said...

Man, hair always gets in the way, doesn't it!

Kendra said...

LOL - that is the funniest thing I've heard in a long time...still laughing!