Friday, September 11, 2009

Photo Friday-Pool Time

Robbie went in the pool for the first time today. It helped that it was 100 degrees outside. I didn't start out the day planning to put him in the just sort of happened. He was outside with us while we were swimming, baking in the shade, so I decided to stick his feet in the pool. And since it was the first time he didn't cry when I stuck is feet in freezing cold water, I figured it meant this was the day to introduce him to the pool. We had a swim outfit in his size, so why not? You can see he's not so sure about it...

He only cried when I tried to put him in past his bum. Then he got unhappy. Plus, it was his nap time, once he decided he didn't like it anymore, he really didn't like it anymore...
Kate thought she could entice him to like it more. I'm not sure what she was saying to him here, but it was probably something like, "Hi Buddy! Hi Buddy!"
She's all about the floaty ring these days. Even though the swim teacher/lifeguard in me cringes that she is dependant on a flotation device in the pool, the mommy part is really excited that she doesn't feel the need to hang onto me the whole time anymore.
Happy Friday. Hope you got a chance to cool off, too.

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