Sunday, September 27, 2009

Updates, In Short Form

-First grade is going well for Padyn. After not liking recess the first week (too big of a playground, too many kids), it is now her favorite time of day.

-She spends all her recess time doing hand-jive with a few of her friends and a couple 2nd graders.

-She can't seem to finish eating her lunch, though. Should I worry that she's a slow eater? (Takes after her Aunt C.)

-She likes riding her bike to school with Daddy. I'm impressed that she rides the 2 miles there and 2 miles back. It's a bit of a slow ride, but she loves it.

-It must be because of her "I love my pet" bike bell.

-"Reading" books on tape is a new favorite activity. Well, it's not that new, but I'm surprised by how enjoyable it still is for everyone. -But one of the chapter book series they like to read uses the word "stupid" way more than Mommy likes. And shut up. And other not nice language.

-Another new weekly favorite? Kettle Corn from the farmers' market. We just can't get enough. Good thing the market is still two days a week until the end of next month.

-Padyn is now in karate. We're hoping it encourages her to speak up. We practice yelling "Hi-yah!" and "Yes sir!" on the way home.

-We're hoping it transfers to, "May I please ______." with other grown-ups.

-Kate wants to do karate, but she's too young. She's back in gymnastics where she and Lulu are wreaking havoc together on a weekly basis.

-Kate loves her new preschool. She goes three days a week-Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Mommy loves it, too. We carpool with another little boy in Kate's class. I drop off and Mrs. Z picks up. It's fantastic. I think I gain a whole 30 minutes! And Robbie gets at least one nap a day in his crib.

-Kate's been super drama queen lately. I'm not sure how to combat that. Ignore? Discipline? Lock her in her room?

-Robbie is starting to reach for objects. He is constantly touching my face when I hold him. I love it.

-He's also getting better about sleeping through the night. As always, some are better than others, but occasionally he goes for 9 hours between feedings. Must be that bottle of formula I give him close to bedtime.

-That in no way means he or I are sleeping for 9 hours. He wakes up at least once a night and needs to be re-swaddled and re-pacified. He goes right back to sleep as soon as that paci is in his mouth.

-Mommy is still only getting a few hours in a row at a time.

-And she can't have caffeine after noon.

-Robbie won't nap well if she does.

-He takes 3 or 4 naps a day...they usually all fall within the time that we have to bring or pick up a sister from school. I had to wake him from 2 naps today. Hate that.-While it's still hot here, our pool has cooled due to the cooler weather at night. Mommy doesn't like going in anymore. But the girls still like it.
-I now have a few pictures hanging on the walls. I keep staring at them like they are the most amazing things ever.
-Kate is currently living in her purple princess dress.
-She does however alternate between her pink sparkly princess shoes and her black dressy shoes (which she calls her "tap shoes.") At least there is some variety.
-Baby's awake...this post must be done.

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Erin said...

Is the chapter book that the girls like Junie B. Jones? Callie likes those books but she uses "stupid" and "shut up" more than I like. We've toned our reading of those books down a lot around here.

And karate? GREAT idea. That might be something we'll have to look into for Callie. Keep us updated on how it goes for her.