Friday, September 25, 2009

Photo Friday

Surprisingly (not really...that was sarcastic), it has been challenging lately to take photos of the kids and keep the blog updating between shuttling kids around, nursing every three hours, unpacking boxes, and generally trying to maintain some semblance of order amidst the chaos. So, I apologize to those individuals related to me who would like to see pictures on a daily basis. Maybe one day that will happen again. These days, that ain't the reality of our lives...

So, here we go. Robbie has started hanging out in his exersaucer. He can only reach a couple toys on it, but hey, it keeps him happy for at least 5 minutes. That's big.
Kate has been Miss Anti-Photo these days. This was the best I could get from her this week...Another one of my little cutie...And finally, last weekend we spent a couple days at the Lake. (Actually, Daddy and the girls spent a couple days. Mommy and Robbie only come up for one night. Yes. That was nice.) Some of our cousins (Daddy's cousin and his kids) came to hang out with us for an afternoon. G and Padyn LOVED building their sandcastle. And it really was warm enough for them to be in their suits and in the freezing water.
Daddy and the girls also hit the air races. I think Padyn is sitting in the cockpit of Daddy's plane. But I can't be sure, as I did not attend... Happy Friday!

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Erin said...

LOVE that first picture of Robbie! SO CUTE.