Thursday, March 18, 2010

Eleven Months Old Yesterday

Can you believe Robbie is almost one? I can't, either...

There isn't much that has changed since his ten month update. He has traveled on an airplane played in the sand since then, and there have been a couple nights where he's slept all the way through to 7am, but I don't count on that lasting.

He's a little less interested in food these days, which is hard to believe from this picture. But look at all those teeth. That might have something to do with his waning interest. His 8th on just popped through on the bottom and I think he's now working on a molar. Yikes.

You see the black stuff on his face? That's black beans...he new favorite food. That and blueberries. Bread is still up there, but it doesn't seem to be topping the list. And, of course, his bottle is still right up there, too. When I pull a clean one out of the cupboard, he starts getting all excited. Then he starts crying until it is in his mouth. It's a long 30 seconds while you are waiting for the water to heat up in the microwave before you can mix the formula in...
He has figured out that he can put one object inside another one. This is his new favorite toy that Padyn loves to help him play with. It's a "gumball" machine that you put these balls into. Then you press a lever and the balls roll out. Trust's terribly exciting if you are almost one. He hasn't figured out pressing the lever yet, but he did figure out how to put the balls in the top. He doesn't always let go of them, though...These shots I took today while he was sitting next to Katelyn. I think they exemplify his personality pretty well these days. He is more and more interested in what others are doing, and is really making an effort at that crawling thing so he can get to the items he so desperately wants.
His sisters are still his favorite playmates......and he's not afraid to let you know just what's on his mind.Thanks goodness for happy babies!

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