Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Little Yellow Chick

Last night, Padyn's class performed "The Little Red Hen." When the teachers originally asked the kids what part they wanted, Padyn was adamant that she DID NOT want a speaking part. Well, the teachers, in their infinite wisdom, decided that all the kids would have a speaking part. Padyn was then cast as a chick, which she was initially not happy about. But, as time passed and she quickly memorized her lines, she grew into her part nicely. In the end, she was glad she got to be a chick. Just the right amount of lines, and a really cool headpiece.

Here they are, in all their glory...(Hey, I helped them paint that scenery. Didn't they do a stellar job?)Padyn was right in the middle with other chicks and the cats. (The middle made it hard to get a decent shot without someone's head intruding.)During the curtain call, Padyn was surrounded by two of her favorite people in her class. All aglow after her stunning performance...
She was so happy, she willingly agreed to take pictures with her sister!

And here she is, the star of our family...

Maybe next year she'll agree to a bigger speaking part...but probably not.

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