Thursday, March 11, 2010

Here's Where We're At

We've been back from Hawaii for 5 days now, and so far we have:
*3 days of fevers (Kate)
*2 coughs (Kate and Robbie)
*1 runny nose (Robbie)
*1 pair bloodshot eyes (Kate)
*daily complaints of headaches, leg pains, and foot aches (Padyn and Kate)
*1 potential tooth cutting (Robbie)
*2 kids up in the night (Kate and Robbie)
*attempts at crawling (I think you know)
*lots of drool (you can probably guess this one, too)
*tired kids who want to sleep in larger than I will allow in the morning (all)
*a mommy who is still unpacking, doing laundry and sorting through mail...

As soon as we get it all sorted out, Daylight Savings will start on Sunday and we'll be messed up again.


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Mommy Jules said...

Where we're AT? Seriously, Arlene, friends don't let friends use AT at the end of a sentence. So glad your trip to Hawaii was fun, so sorry everyone is under the weather. How did the time change go?