Monday, March 15, 2010

More Hawaii Photos

It seems these days I have less and less time to update the blog. Photos are easy enough, though...

Sunset on our beachIs she eating her tie? Probably.Padyn is so proud of the gap in her teeth.Father and son Honolulu skyline at sunsetEating the camera lens cover
Playing in the sand This was on our first morning in Hawaii. We are right off our porch, taking a look at the monk seals that apparently loved our beach. See that yellow sign? That means a monk seal is just beyond that. That's how close we were to them. And they didn't seem to mind us digging holes, jumping off the edge or sliding down on the boogie boards in their presence. But, if you managed to not see them and walk by between them and the ocean, they let out a huge bark. I saw more than one person startled on what they thought was a pleasant walk in the sand.
And here they are...the first morning we saw them, I thought they were dead. I mean, really. You don't expect to walk out and see seals lying on your public beach where anyone could come up and bug them. I was sure they were carcasses that had washed ashore. But no. They were in fact alive and just like hanging out on the beach all day long. Go figure.

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