Friday, June 18, 2010

Photo Friday-Random Shots

Some people are all testy that I haven't posted an pictures in a week. Sheesh. We're busy here. It's summer. We're swimming. And biking. And eating frozen yogurt. Who has time to post pictures on the blog? Not me, that's for sure.

So, here are some totally random ones from the last couple weeks. This first one of Robbie is from this morning. The kids have this large stuffed elephant that they, of course, call "Ella." The girls take turns riding her around the living room and Robbie likes to eat her trunk. Someone decided that Robbie should have a turn on her, too. I think he liked it.Besides elephant riding, the little man has learned some new tricks this week. He now plays Peek-A-Boo AND "How Big is Robbie?" Unfortunately, he easily confuses the two, so when you ask how big he is, he puts his hands on his ears and says, "Tay Tay," which is his word for "Peek-A-Boo." As soon as I can get my hands on Daddy's iPhone, I'll post some video of it, but for now you just have to accept a still shot. And I actually don't remember which game we were playing here...What do you do with spare time in the summer when you aren't swimming and eating popsicles? Watch TV. I don't know what they were watching, but I love the interaction between Padyn and Robbie. He's trying to put the end of his pacifier leash in her mouth and she's so absorbed in the show, she just lets him. What a good big sister.
And now, for the most random shots of the post...
Why is she holding my spatula? Your guess is as good as mine.

She told me that she chose the socks because the red in Ariel's hair matched her pink leotard. High fashion, I tell you.
And lastly, we have Tiger Girl. One of the last days of school, Padyn's school had this fun day. Padyn had her face painted by some of the "big kids." She was feeling pretty darn cool with this look. And who wouldn't, really?
Happy Friday. I'm going back to the pool now.

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The Captain said...

Thanks for the pictures and commentary.I know it's a pain but it sure perks up our day. P. is a perfect big sister. Had a couple of those myself, you can learn a lot from big sisters. Love R.