Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Life Through Kate's Lense

Grandma was kind enough to get Kate her own camera for Christmas. It has eliminated the fighting between Kate and Padyn over Padyn's camera, but has created a new rival between Kate and her brother. Oh well.

Most photos on the camera are of inanimate objects-stuffed animals, toys, light fixtures, the hallway...but there are a few of us in the mix. I chose to highlight these for Kate's first photo post. Obviously, she didn't take all of these, as she herself is in some. But she did take most. Here's her budding photo skills on display for the first time ever.

I think I am responsible for the first and third of Kate, and Padyn took the middle one.

Definitely taken by a child...

Daddy might be responsible for this one. The distance from the camera is just too appropriate for a four year old.
This is more like a four year old shot...

Mommy! (Yes, taken by Kate)
Next time I'll see if I can get Robbie to take some, not just delete them.

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