Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Photo Tuesday-Winter Day on the Lake

Last weekend we headed up to the mountains with some friends for a beautiful weekend of sun, snow, skiing and general winter wonderful fun. There was still snow on the ground at the cabin, but down by the lake, it was hard to tell that it was still the middle of winter.

Well, the girls reminded us it was winter. Their favorite game was pulling ice chunks out of a sunken boat. I guess their boats let us know it is winter, too.

The prize of ice.

Jealous, aren't you?

Happy Tuesday.


Susan said...

Nah we have pretty lakes and ice up here too:>

Susan said...

But your pics are sure pretty!

KAZZ said...

Sure am jealous...In 1986 I declared that everyone should go there before they died...been a few times since so methinks it's time to go back, and sooner rather than later...still one of the most beautiful places I've ever been in the whole wide world!!