Monday, February 07, 2011

Photo Monday-Because I Owe You

This past Friday I helped put together a fundraiser for Kate's preschool. It was a bit of a crazy week, so go figure as to why I didn't post photos on Friday. Then there was the weekend of recovery. And now it's Monday. So here you have it...Photo Monday.

This one was actually taken just a few moments ago. The girl who won't let you brush her hair suddenly wants to look like Princess Leia. Literally. That's what she said when she asked me to do her hair..."I want Princess Leia hair." She hangs out with too many boys...Robbie has a new word. EESE! Yes. He's gotten quite used to everyone taking pictures of him and can now say cheese. Unprompted.Like here....And here...Look! A new shirt! I think we are now at 5 shirts that she will wear.
Not many photos of Padyn these days. Mostly because she's not home as much as the other kiddos. And when she is home, you usually find her reading. Robbie decided to join her the other day. I'm shocked he shared his chair willingly. But then again, he does adore his big sister.
He just climbed right up there next to her to work on his block box.
Another new trick-he can climb up on the piano bench by himself. We've been introduced to so many new "songs" lately.

He's so proud of himself.
Happy Monday.

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The Captain said...

Thanks A. Such wonderful pictures!So cute the chair sharing! See you are making progress with the Princess!You're doin good!