Friday, February 18, 2011

Photo Friday-Snow Fun

Last Saturday, while we were in Tahoe, everyone had a fun snow day. Padyn and Daddy spent the day doing this...

...while Robbie, Kate and I played outside the cabin in the snow. The hard, dirty snow.

Here they are, suiting up...

...and here they are outside. Don't let Robbie's smile fool you. He hated the snow. Didn't even want me to carry him around in it. He preferred to play here, in the street, while his normally non-adventurous sister tromped around in the snow. The hard, icy snow.

So proud of herself that she climbed up the "hill" (read: very small slope) all by herself. She had a bit of trouble getting on the sled, though.
Both of them actually enjoyed playing in the parking lot.
Kate was very adventurous. I was quite astonished by her this day. Here she in on top of another "hill" that she climbed.
Did I mention the snow was dirty? Definite drawback of playing in the parking lot. But what are you going to do when one of them hates the snow?After scaling the snow mountain, Kate wandered off to find cleaner snow to make a snow angel in. She didn't really care that the snow was hard and icy. She was going to make her angel, dang it.
Happy Friday.


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Susan said...

YEAH Padyn! You are rocking it! She looks great!!! There is always an open invitation here.

You need to tell me how you uploaded your video. I'm too clueless to get it right. And I LOVE your new background. It is super fun:>