Friday, April 28, 2006

Helpful Big Sis

Padyn is so helpful with Katelyn.
  • always trying to give her back the paci
  • rocking her carseat or bouncy seat when she is crying (with mommy in the background repeating, "Be gentle, be gentle.")
  • watching me with concern while I change Kate's diaper
  • showing Kate toys that Padyn has picked out for her (read: shoving them in her face with mommy in the background repeating, "Be gentle, be gentle. Show her it from a distance.")

But today was the best helpful sister yet. Today she decided she wanted to burp Kate. So, with a baby washcloth over her shoulder, she "burped" her baby sister. It consisted of me holding Kate up against Padyn while Padyn gently pat her back. It was so sweet. Of course I have no picture because I don't have three arms. But trust me it was sweet.

While I was relishing in the sweetness of the moment and congratulating myself on what a good mother I was that I had raised such a caring, loving little girl, Padyn said, "I want to feed Tate." and lifted up her shirt. And what was my reply? I should have said something like, "Only Mommies can make milk for babies." or "Only Mommies can feed the baby." or "Only Mommies....(something informative yet toddler friendly.)

What did I say instead?

"I don't think your boobies are gonna work."

Good one, Mommy.


the Girls' Moma said...

NICE! Love it.

Oh, and you didn't get your third arm when you had your second child? What? They gave me mine! Yep, it's right here, stuck to my abdomen. That's how I get SO MUCH done all day!

You should go back because you were totally jipped.

Erin said...

THAT is hilarious! Gave me a good laugh!