Friday, April 28, 2006

"When Dogs Die" and Other Lighthearted Children's Books

We went to the library yesterday, because, as you all know, Padyn loves books. Actually, she loves the library because in the children's section they have a number of toddler friendly puzzles. She'll sit there for an hour and do each and every puzzle. She won't do a puzzle twice, mind you. Only once. But she'll do every one.

Anyway, I asked her before we left if she wanted to bring any books home. Deeply concentrating on her puzzle, she said no, so I didn't bother looking for any. Finally Daddy and I decided we'd had enough, plus Katelyn was doing her "I'm about to lose it because you need to feed me" grunt, so Joel picked Padyn up and said it was time to go. Of course, she lost it. I love tantrums in quiet places like the library. She's crying and saying she doesn't want to go, then she spots this book on the table. Now, it's, "I want the doggie book. WANT THE DOGGIE BOOOOOOOOK!" Well, we did what any good parent would do: we gave her the book and hightailed it out of there.

Later that night she wants to read it at bedtime. So, Daddy's reading it. It's a nice little story about a boy and his family who adopt an older dog. It goes through what the family and the dog do together every year. Then you know what? The dog DIES. And they have to BURY HIM. Poor Daddy. He heavily edited it as not to scar our 2 year old. But really, this is the reason you should preview your toddler's books before you leave the library. I am not ready to start explaining DEATH to my 2 year old. So, like good parents, we hid the book. It's going back to the library as soon as I can manage without Padyn noticing.

And you know what book she asked for all day long? You got it.

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