Saturday, April 29, 2006

When Bella Comes to Town

Last weekend Daddy had to go fly airplanes, so my sister and my niece, Bella, came for an extended weekend. The girls were SO excited to see each other when they first got here. Hugging, tackling, and generally enjoying the company of each other. Of course, there were moments of fits and tantrums over toys, books, mommies, Papas, etc. over the course of the weekend, but all and all, the girls (who are only 3 weeks apart) got along very well.

The highlights of the weekend are pictured below. There's the bath were they tried to shake their brains out of their ears.

Then there was dinner at Papa and Bon-Bons. Before dinner there were puzzles to be played with and the farm to be filled with animals. (Padyn got mad at Bella with the puzzles because she has a particular way of doing one of them, and of course Bella wasn't doing it right.)

Kate just watched their bickering.

During dinner that night, they joined together in a chorus of "I Love You" aka The Barney Song. When they got to the part about "with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you..." they decided to act it out. A little matter of being strapped into chairs didn't seem to faze them.

Let's not forget the after-dinner dancing.

Mr. Potato Head was a favorite toy of the weekend. But it wasn't enough to just put the pieces in the Potato Heads.

Overall it was a very nice weekend. My sister was so helpful keeping Padyn loved and occupied so I could care for Kate. We were sad to see them go. Padyn wishes Bella lived closer. Maybe then they wouldn't fight as much over toys.

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the Girls' Moma said...

What was Bella's reaction to Baby Kate?

My favorite is the Potato Head Twins. Hilarious! Where do they come up with these things?