Saturday, April 08, 2006

Katelyn's First Few Days

We finally got to come home Wednesday night after having to wait in the hospital all day Wednesday for a blanket to help lower the levels of bilirubin in Kate's blood. Bilirubin is what causes jaundice in newborns and when levels are too high, there is a risk of brain damage. Because of her levels, Kate was put on phototherapy. In the hospital, she got to live in the "glow bed;" a special bed with an ultraviolet light tray underneath and a terry cloth sack that she was zipped up in. Fortunately, she didn't complain very much about not being able to be held. We were only supposed to let her out to eat for 30 minutes every 3 hours. The rest of the time she had to stay in the glow bed.

We came home with a different phototherapy "blanket" that she had to stay wrapped in for the same amount of time everyday. At least with this one it was possible to hold her. She did look pretty funny with a blue glow under her Piglet blanket and large gray tube coming out the side. We had to go back to the doctor's office Thursday and Friday to get her heels poked for more blood. By Friday her levels were finally lower and by that evening she was free of the blanket. Her color is looking better, but she'll probably be a bit yellow in the face and eyes for another couple weeks. She looks as if she had a bad self-tanning experience.

Padyn is very happy to have everyone home. She is very gentle with her baby sister and is constantly wanting to give her hugs and kisses. We just have to keep reminding her not to squeeze so hard and not to touch her face. I can already see signs of a struggle with Padyn, though. She's had more timeouts since we've been home and more meltdowns. Poor girl. Eventually she'll find a groove. It helps that we've had many visitors over the last few days, so Padyn has gotten a good share of attention. She's also gotten a few presents. This is one of the new bunny rabbits she's been given.So, we continue to adjust. Mommy and Daddy (but especially Mommy) to very little sleep and Padyn to having to share her attention with a little blob that only seems to eat, poop and sleep. Overall, I think we're doing pretty well.

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the Girls' Moma said...

Ah, I hear you guys. It is a rough time, but it seems like you guys are faring pretty well. I am glad to hear Kate is doing better and isn't needing the glow-worm blanket anymore. We have a pretty cool picture of John holding Coley in her bili blanket, though!

We're praying for Padyn, too! I wish we lived closer so we could come over and play with her. Coley says Hi!