Friday, June 02, 2006

Potty Training Update

For those of you that care (all 3 of you), I just thought I'd let you know the success Padyn has been having this week in Potty Training Boot Camp. She's been in big girl underwear everyday since last Saturday, except for naps and outings. But even in a pull-up, she has remained dry. I am so excited! It has been much easier than I anticipated, with much less clean-up than I feared. And I never imagined I'd find so much joy in those 5 little words...I want to go potty.

Is that sad, or what?

And yesterday, because I'm me and I myself hate using public bathrooms, I bought a travel potty. No, not a seat to put on the toilet. An actual little potty that comes as its very own carrying case. It looks like a little suitcase and unfolds to be a little potty. Great for those trips to the mall or down to Grandma's house. Padyn is very excited about it. She keeps wanting to use it. Next week, sweetie, when we drive down to Grandma's house. (That I'm sure will be another few entertaining posts.)


Angie said...

Wow! You've got such a good little potty trainer there. Aidan was super easy as well - of course he was over 3 when he finally did it! LOL

Erin said...

Yay! Congrats on potty training going so well.

Cozy Mom said...

Yeah, now Padyn can show Bella her big girl panties next weekend. I'm sure P will have something fun like princess or Dora that Bella will insist on having as well. As for the travel potty...i great idea. Bella is just like her mommy, she'll hold it rather than go in the dirty toilet.