Monday, June 19, 2006

Things Lately Discovered About Padyn

She can turn the faucet for the hose on.

When she says, "Mommy, I be careful." she really means she is climbing up on something dangerous.

She knows how to say "tupperware."

Everything is spelled P-A-D-Y-N.

She knows what it means to miss daddy-she told him she missed him at least ten times the day we came home.

She can put pants on by herself.

She knows which drawers her different clothes are kept in.

When she says, "Ok to go pee pee in my underwear?" she really means I have to go potty.

She can squeeze through a six inch opening in the sliding glass door.

She can put her shoes on by herself.

She is a genius at interpretive dance.

She has an active imagination that is seen when she makes up her own songs.

She knows how to take the pillowcase off a pillow.

She can sleep in a twin bed without rails without falling out.

She knows all the words to the chorus of "Jesus Loves Me."

She really does like her baby sister.

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