Wednesday, June 07, 2006

To:Coley From:Padyn

Dear Coley,

Mommy wouldn't let me send you another card, so I thought I'd post a birthday message on Mommy's blog while she wasn't looking. I can't believe you turn 3 today! I feel so left out. But it's been fun getting to learn things from you. Remember when we first met? You taught me how to drink out of a bottle and how to sit up and play with toys. I wasn't ready to do those things yet, but I watched you. I think our Mommy's had fun those couple days.

Remember when I came to visit you for the first time? We went to the park with the lake and walked around. My favorite part of that trip was playing your daddy's guitar. I soon discovered my daddy also had a guitar. Did you know they used to play together? And our Mommies used to sing together? Maybe someday we can do that.

Then there was the time you came to my house and started walking. I wasn't quite crawling yet, but after seeing you get everywhere you wanted for a few days, I decided I needed to move around, too. You weren't very nice to me all the time on that visit. You liked yelling NO at me when I was playing in my saucer. I'm still not sure what you were mad about. Remember how we went to the farm to visit the animals and the gnats wouldn't leave you alone? You were not happy about that. And we played the piano at my papa's house. That was fun.

When I came to visit you after that, I was yelling NO at you. Funny how we did things like that. Remember on that trip we went to the zoo and our mommies didn't realize how cold it would be? Good thing they brought our matching sweatshirts. I think they were pretty cold, though. I also went with you to your gymnastics class. That was really fun. I wasn't walking yet, but I was able to walk myself along the parallel bars. Your sister, Jalyn wasn't born yet, but she was coming soon. We talked about what your Mommy and Daddy should name her. And now Jalyn is 1! She's such a big girl. You're lucky to have such a good little sister. I hope mine is that good someday. Right now she just sleeps and eats a lot.

Let's see, what else have you taught me? You made me want to go pee pee on the potty and you showed me how to be a great big sister on our last visit. Remember our fun trip to the aquarium? And playing at the park? And swimming in the pool? We've done a lot for never having lived in the same state. Maybe someday we will. Tell your dad to become a Reservist and move here.

I better go now. Bears is on. I can't miss it. I love you, Coley! Happy Birthday! I'm glad your my best friend!


PS I tried to post pictures with this, but Blogger was not cooperating. Maybe later I'll add them in.

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