Thursday, August 31, 2006

Fun with Google

I just got an email from my sister, Bella's Mom. She googled "Padyn" and our blog was the 4th entry! I tried it and lo and behold-there it was! Number 4!

Fun? Yes.
Creepy? Definitely.

Yet I feel strangely, famous. I mean, come on, 4th on Google? That's pretty stinkin' cool.

In reality, I think it's just one of the many side-effects of spelling your child's name in a unique way. Not to mention the years of misspellings and mispronounciations it is going to encounter. But Google has it right.

And isn't that a little frightening that "google" is now a word in our lexicon?

I'm off to google other uncommon names and see what I get...Coley, Jalyn, Callie...

1 comment:

p & k's daddy said...

Your blog has now moved up to #3 on Google. Progress!

Can world domination be far behind?