Saturday, August 12, 2006

General Silliness Abounds

Umm, Padyn, I'm not sure your sister wants you to lie on her. Oh wait...she seems to like it. Go figure. (Really, all things Padyn make Kate smile these days.)

What was that you say? I'm too cute for words? Yes, yes...I know that, thank you.

"Mommy, you say, 'Padyn, wake up!' and I say, 'No, no, no!'"

No really, I have no idea what your talking about. What cheesy grin is that? This is how I always smile. Really.


the Girls' Moma said...

Yes, that is the cutest picture of Katelyn EVER! I love it. That should certainly be framed in your house--heck, in MY house!

Padyn's silly grin is adorable too. You can almost fast forward it to see what she'll look like in a yearbook picture somewhere.

I miss you guys so much!

Cozy Mom said...

Does Padyn have pink finger nails? I think she looks fantastic in pink, you should really consider winning a free pink car for her to drive around in, plus then you'd have nail polish at your disposal.