Monday, January 14, 2008


So, this little picture that Padyn drew for me the other day? Well, it's not an original. Apparently, this is her new art. She has been drawing them all week. Same size paper, one color pen. Finally, though, I know what it is. I thought it was two people lying on surfboards in a pool. How wrong I was. She told me, with minimal disdain, that it is her and Emily on the swings at the park.

Of course. Why couldn't I see it before?


the Girls' Moma said...

Oh my goodness! OF COURSE!

This reminds me of the drawing in The Little Prince, where adults see it as a hat, but kids see it as a snake which ate an elephant...

It's all about perception!

Rochelle said...

I was reminded of the young lady/old lady picture! However, I thought it was two people at the park the first time I saw it. Not necessarily on the swings, though. I can see the surfboards now, as well! Sorry it's Padyn's version of generic art.