Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Playing Together (For A Few Minutes, Anyway...)

All the new toys, and this is what they want to play with. At least I had the camera ready.
I took these this morning. I was still eating my breakfast, so the girls had to find a way to entertain themselves. Usually this time of the morning is TV viewing time, but I'm trying to limit the number of television hours since got so many last week while everyone was sick. (Speaking of that time last week, did I tell you I almost went crazy staying home all day long for 3 days in a row? I don't think I can ever EVER do that again.)

Anyway, they found that they loved the laundry basket. Padyn called it the 'trap' and kept trying to make Kate go inside. Kate loved it, except for when Padyn sat on top of it and K could no longer crawl around. She was like a little hermit crab, crawling around trying not to bump into things. I think she enjoyed the game more than Padyn. You can see in one of the next pictures that Padyn has tired of the whole thing (probably because I yelled at her for sitting on top of it again and making Kate scream) and had moved onto the castle. Kate was still eager to enclose herself in the blue plastic and crawl around. She was almost giddy.

Hey, at least they played well together for a few minutes. I'll take all the peace they will give me.


Erin said...

Mine do the SAME THING. And I remember playing with the laundry basket when I was a kid, too.

Mommy Jules said...

Oddly enough, Connor and Sean played together yesterday in the laundry room. They crawled into the knocked over hampers. Chris and I think it was the best they had ever played together! Unfortunately, no pics.