Monday, January 14, 2008

Her Own Personal TV Guide

I forgot to tell you something new that Kate has been doing lately...

My child, who up until a few months ago refused to sit and watch television, now asks first thing upon waking to watch something. And she doesn't just say, "Watch sumting, Mommy." like Padyn used to. No, she gives you the whole list. It's like an ad for PBS.

Wanna wash Door Boos. When I tell her we aren't going to watch TV right now, she goes into her if I just meant we aren't going to watch Dora. She's sure that something in the list will appeal to me and I'll change my mind. The order may change depending on the hour, but here are all the shows she tells me she wants to watch.

BooBoo Why (Super Why, which apparently she thinks she's a character in.)

Booz Cooz (Blues Clues-with this little sign...she taps the palm of her right hand with the finger tips of her left. I think she's writing in her notebook.)

Jorzh (Curious George)

Dagun Tays (Dragon Tales)

Kiff (Clifford the Big Red Dog)

and my personal favorite, because she says it with so much enthusiasm...
Baby I-sty! (Baby Einstein)

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the Girls' Moma said...

I love it! Your phonetical spellings are of course, classic.

J wants to watch 2 of everything, now that we have cable's On Demand. "2 Doras, 2 Diegos, and 2 Mickey Mouses."