Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mo' Money

Today I (stupidly) let Padyn play with this spelling dice game that I bought to use sometime in the future when I go back to working in a classroom. I didn't want her to play with it by herself, but she was constantly bugging me about wanting it, wanting it, wanting I let her play with it with her older (3rd grade) cousin. I figured Kellie would be more responsible and the dice would be more likely to end up back in the jar.

You know what's coming...OF COURSE one die was missing within 5 MINUTES of them playing with it. I made them search high and low and no die could be found. So, I did what any responsible, yet highly irritated Mommy would do. I told her I'd take the money out of her piggy bank to replace the game. (These were not cheap dice. Mommy was pissed, mostly at myself because I knew I shouldn't have let her play with it).

She got upset and pretended to cry for a few minutes then went back to searching for the lost die.

A few minutes later she came up to me. With a big smile plastered across her face, she said the greatest thing I've heard all day...

It's OK if you take money out of my piggy bank because I don't really know how to use money.

Maybe I need to think of a new consequence.

sidenote-the die was later found in the shoe of her other older cousin. How it got in his shoe, no one claims to know. I'm just happy it was found.

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