Sunday, January 27, 2008

Kate's Point of View

Kate has been talking a lot lately. Like, she never shuts up. Today, there was always something coming out of her mouth. Sometimes it's singing (ABC's or Ring Around the Rosie), sometimes it's a narration of her world (Payee abba ju, Tate mikey, Dadda a wurk), and sometimes it's just a lot of noise. I don't think she is trying to actually communicate half the time. She just wants to see what she can make her mouth produce.

Here are a few phrases that she has uttered over the past few days that just make us smile. Too bad she knows she's so cute.

A conversation we had Wednesday morning:
K: Dadda wook you up.
M: Daddy woke me up?
K: yeaaaaaaa.
M: No, Daddy didn't wake me up. I woke up by myself.
K: Dadda wook you up TATE (patting herself on the chest).
M: Daddy woke Kate up?
K: yeaaaaaa.
M: No he didn't. Padyn woke you up, silly girl.

Typical conversation when I go in after her nap:
K: I see Payee. Abba ju Payee? (I want to see Padyn. [Do you have] Apple juice [for] Padyn?)
M: Yes, I have Padyn's apple juice. What do I have for Kate?
K: Milky! Ianna see Payee, Ianna see Payee! (I want to see Padyn!)

If we say it's time to pray, she will fold her hands together, squeeze her eyes shut and say:
Dank doo Wenny, Joss, ama. (Thank you [for] Wendy [and] Josh. Amen.

Then, of course, there's the conversation we have every time we go see the pediatrician (we've been twice in the last month...that doesn't count the broken leg time.)
M: We going to see Dr. A today.
K:Ianna see Docker Oh. Ianna see Docker Oh! (I want to see Dr. A.)
M: Yea...we are going.
K: Aheepa! Ianna aheepa! (Lollipop. I want a lollipop!). [then this phrase is repeated over and over in ever increasing volume.)

I can't begin to list all the words she can say, because there are just too many. She can name people, food, locations in the house, friends, animals, favorite activities, and much much more. Unfortunately, hardly anyone else but myself understands what she is saying most of the time. Her pronunciation leaves MUCH to be desired. Hopefully it will improve within the next year so by the time she gets too preschool I don't have too stay as a translator.

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Erin said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean! Avery can talk up a storm, but I'm the only one who can understand her (and most of the time I can't understand her either). She uses a lot of gesturing while she talks and we can get the gist of what she's saying.