Friday, August 22, 2008

Photo Friday-Fun with Birthday Hats

Last Saturday we had the rare treat of sharing a birthday with a friend that lives far away. Sean turned two, and his family just happened to be in northern Cali for a wedding, so the brilliant woman that is Juls, planned Sean's party so we could go! Yeah! And, as an added bonus, we got to hang with Lulu and her family, too! Yippee!

The theme of Sean's party was Little Einsteins, which was right up my girls' alley. Now, they were very excited about the parting gifts (stickers and playdough and a kaliedoscope in LE theme), but we were ALL excited about the party hats. Hence, the theme of today's Photo Friday.

J showing Lulu how to be a bird.
Lulu's daddy and his bird imitation.
I'm not sure what type of creature Daddy was pretending to be with the hat on the side of his head.
Padyn and Mommy using the hat like a phone (this was probably the most popular usage of the hat).

I think Kate was pointing to Daddy's hat.
Really not sure what Padyn is being here. idea.
Any guesses? Happy Friday. And thanks again, Sean, for inviting us to your party!

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Mommy Jules said...

You are very welcome! We loved having you there. So glad to see these pix, mine will not upload to blogger for some reason. I sent you some in a thank you note so you could see them.