Saturday, August 16, 2008

Photo Saturday-Because We Had No Electricity on Friday Afternoon

And since we had no electricity yesterday afternoon, we spent a bit of time outside taking said photos...

Trying to put things in the tree. I don't remember what Padyn had, but Kate is trying to put Dora in the tree.
Serious girl
Notice the fabulously coordinating outfits that my daughters picked out for themselves. Nice. Actually, it was better before we went outside. Padyn had the pink flowered pants that are in a photo at the bottom of this post on with that top. I'm telling you, we've got style in this household.
What is that face, exactly? Happy, pissed, frightened?
Just watching the world go by...
Checking out a spider web in the bushes.
Hanging with the tree. And no, the tree should not be that color in the middle of summer. The gardeners pruned it too early ( in my opinion) and it stressed it out a bit. But it's still growing...
What is up there, Kate?
So happy
Three feet

These next few pictures were taken a few days ago. I include this one with the pants, because Padyn WILLINGLY picked these out. This child NEVER wears pants if she can help it. She doesn't even want to wear shorts. It's skirts or dresses or a screaming fit. And here she is, in pants. She likes them a lot, for whatever reason.
Kate's been pretending to sleep a lot lately. In fact, when I come to get her from her nap, she's almost always under the blanket "hiding" from me.
Now they're both doing it.
New tennis visor from Bon Bon.
Contemplating... Happy weekend.


Erin said...

Padyn and Avery: DRESSES FOREVER!!!

Brand New Momma said...

Wow maybe Padyn and her dresses can influence Ella a bit.