Friday, August 08, 2008

Random Car Conversation #16

Padyn: Mommy, if you don't want to hear Kate whine, you can just lift up your ears.

(I need to interject here that Kate wasn't whining. She wasn't even talking. We were all just driving nicely in the car to Papa's house.)

Mommy: Really? How do you do that?

Padyn: Well, it takes practice.

Mommy: Interesting. Let me see you do it.

Padyn then proceeds to scrunch her face up like she's smelling something really foul.

Padyn: Say something, Mommy. (So she can check to see if it's working.) No, it didn't work yet.

Padyn repeats the above sequence two more times. It seems she needs more practice. Then, a minute later, when no one has been talking for 45 seconds and I assume the topic has been dropped...

Padyn: Oh, there. It did it.

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