Friday, August 08, 2008

Photo Friday-Last of the Photos from Grandma's

We've been home for over a week, but my camera is still hanging on the closet doorknob where it was placed when we came home last Wednesday. But never I took over 200 pictures in Oregon, I have plenty more to share with you. But I promise...these will be it. I'll pull out my camera again this week and we'll have new scenery for you in the days to come.

The theme of this Friday is "Things we Do at Grandma's House. They are in no particular order of interest, but I'm sure if you asked Padyn, the tractor riding with Grandpa would be the favorite.

With no further adieu...

Digging-there's lots of dirt to dig at Grandma's (and surrounding areas)

Riding the ATVs-I totally need to get them helmets
Reading together...I found them like this more than oncePlaying hide and seek-this is when we went to see the waterfall. OH! Funny side note: So, we go to see the Butte Creek Falls. When we get there and are ooooing and ahhhing, Kate asks, "Where's Baby Jaguar?" I think we've watched the Diego and Dora Save Baby Jaguar episode one too many times.DancingRiding the tractor with Grandpa-Kate NEVER wanted to do this. The tractor is still a bit scary, apparently.Playing with Auntie on the boat (we didn't make it out on the lake in the boat this trip, but we enjoyed playing with it on dry land. )

Playing at a random little playground in a VERY small town.There were plenty of other things we did that you've already seen the pictures of. Clearly, the girls can't wait to get back to Grandma and Grandpa's house. But I'm sure G & G are happy to get a break from these two monkeys.

Happy Friday.

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