Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kate's Daily Lunch

I wan peayut budda toast, not toasted, wit peayut budda spreaded on it, cosed, wit a nakin.*

Translation: a peanut butter sandwich

She asks for it the same way everyday. And if I say, "Do you want a peanut butter sandwich?" She says no and gives me the spiel again.

And if it isn't peanut butter, it's strawberry yogurt in a circle cup with a straw. That would be drinkable yogurt in a sippy cup with a straw attached, for those not in the know.

At least she knows what she wants.

*I want peanut butter toast, not toasted, with peanut butter spreaded on it, closed, with a napkin.


Ro said...

My Caitlin always asks for the same thing for lunch, too. Except in her case, it's yellow cheese (cheddar) with square crackers (saltines) and pickles. Is it a 3-year-old thing? And why do they have to be so specific?

Matt said...

I'm ordering this for lunch!