Friday, October 09, 2009

Photo Friday-Pumpkin Patch Teaser

It's my favorite photo-op time of the year again...Pumpkin Patch Time! But, since it's 10pm, and I'm still fighting a cold, you are only getting a few photos from our trip to the patch tonight. More to come over the course of the week. Plus, this will not be the only visit to the patch. There seem to be 17,000 pumpkin patches in our area. We are sure to hit 2 or 3 more. And really...most aren't just a "patch." We don't live in the city, people. This is the central ag land. We have pumpkin amusement parks. The one we went to today had bikes to rent, a corn bath, the Guinness Book of World Record's Largest Corn Maze, teepees, hay pyramids, playhouses...oh, and pumpkins. The one we'll go to later this week has a petting zoo. But since I didn't get many pictures with actual pumpkins today(like here and here from previous years, and here which is the same patch two years ago), I just have more reason to go visit the others. And now for a few highlights.
Loaded up in the wagon on the way in...
Kate was a ball of energy. I don't think she stopped running until she hit the "Corn Bath." Then she was diving and jumping instead. The playhouses...can you see Kate in there behind her big sister?Stopping to catch her breath. And yes, that is the freeway in the background. The girls in front of their favorite playhouse. You guessed it...the pink one.
Making corn angels and corn diving...And my personal favorite...

Happy Friday!

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monkidesign said...

I love it! Darling pictures! My favorite photo op of the year too! :)

We're going to be in town Halloween weekend if you guys will be around! I think we're going to do the downtown trick-or-treating. Maybe we could try to go together if we're both feeling up for it!

Love, Hannah:)