Saturday, October 03, 2009

Photo Saturday: Five Month Comparison

Order of appearance in all sets: Padyn, Kate, Robert

Set A

Set B

Set C
Here is where one ability difference between the three is evident. At five months, Padyn could sit up assisted by the boppy. Kate could sit up completely (although here she is tilting to the side a bit, but it's because she was going after a toy that was to her left) and Robbie isn't quite there yet. He prefers to slide himself down so he's flat on his back.
Set D
A commonality: All three loved the bouncy seat. They live(d) in that and the exersaucer at this age. Set E
Another difference in ability. You can see that Kate was able to stand up while holding onto the table. I haven't even tried that with Robbie, and I'm sure it never crossed my mind with Padyn.

And finally, Set F
I only include this one because it's funny to see that at 5 1/2 months, both girls had perfected their squishy/piratey face. Robert has no such face. Just a calm stare, a wide eyed smile and a crying face. No pirates here.
But hopefully that's a good thing...we have enough drama with the girls. I don't need a dramatic son, too.
Happy Saturday!

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