Friday, October 30, 2009

Photo Friday-Apples Aplenty, Apples Galore

A couple Sundays ago we headed up to "Apple Hill" for the morning with a few other families. Having never been there before, we just followed along to the different locals, tasting apples, pastries and candies along the way. I'd go back, but not to some of the places we went. Too crowded and circus like. I don't need to fish or have pony rides. I just need to pick some apples and eat a turnover or two. (Or seven...they were really good turnovers.) Here's a brief snapshot of our outing.

Padyn and Ninners, on their way to the pond were we refused to let them fish because it was too ridiculously expensive.How many kids can you get in an apple crate? And what's with the sticks?We each got to pick an apple treat. Daddy and I shared a turnover, apple pie, and apple berry pie. Kate choose the caramel apple.Padyn went for the sugar apple doughnut.
Robbie just got to watch.
And what day in the apple orchards would be complete without a pony? We didn't let the kids ride the ponies, but we did let them pet one. We're generous parents like that.Happy Friday!

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