Monday, December 14, 2009

Culinary Delights

This morning while I was making Padyn's lunch, Kate was insistent that she wanted salami with peanut butter on it. I tried to assure her that, no, she really didn't. But you know how stubborn 3 and a half year olds can be...

So I did what any good mommy would do. I smirked and gave her what she wanted knowing that within 17 seconds I would be proved right.

First bite: MMMM! Yummy, Mommy!"

Mommy experiences momentary confusion.

Second bite: I don't want anymore, Mommy. I don't like it.

Awww, the universe is restored.

It reminded me of this exchange with Padyn a long long time ago...

I don't think Padyn has ever tried that combination again, either.

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