Friday, December 18, 2009

Photo Friday-8 Months Old

Robert turned eight months old yesterday. To record the milestone, I took some pictures this morning at breakfast. As you can see, there are little tiny pieces of food on his tray. Those would be Cheerios. And yes, he loves them. He can't quite get them in his mouth yet, but he's trying. Just like how he's trying at this very moment to help me type.
You can see in the last picture he's actually managed to get a bit of Cheerio in his hand. Don't worry...he can't put it in his mouth yet. I mean, that would just make my breakfast time too easy if he could actually feed himself.
Other significant items of our 8 month old...he is now very stable sitting up and for the last two nights in a row he slept straight through for eleven and twelve hours. Unfortunately, I believe this glorious occurrence is simply the result of the H1N1 vaccine he got on Wednesday. His little body is working hard to make those antibodies. I'm sure we'll be back up at 2, 3 and 4am over the next few nights.
Happy Friday.