Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Go Tell It

Kate's preschool performed in church this past Sunday. They do it every year as a "thank you" to the church for providing the space for the preschool. This was our first experience with it. I was really not sure what to expect, especially from my daughter. Every time I played the song for Kate to practice over the last two weeks, she'd only do the motions. She refused to sing. I think at one point she did reassure me that when it was time to sing on stage, she really would. But you know me...I know better than to believe what comes out a of three-year-old mouth.

But sure enough, little Miss K did not lie. (Not about this, anyway. There are many many other things she lies about. And if anyone can give me some advice on a good way to deal with that, I'd be grateful.) Here they all are, in their glory singing "Go Tell It On the Mountain."

That's daughter was right in the front. You can imagine what I thought when I saw that. I, too, was RIGHT IN THE FRONT which is fine for a singing performance, but a little disconcerting when it's the pastor's turn to get up and speak. Let's just say that photo of Kate I wanted to send to Daddy (who couldn't be there) had to wait until after the service to be texted.

I've totally sidetracked. As I was saying....she SANG. And LOUDLY. In fact, the second time around (the kids performed at both services) I could hear Kate through all the other voices as I stood against the back wall of the auditorium. I was so proud. And amazed. It did take a bit of scraping to get my jaw off the floor.
I love looking at all the other kids, too.They had the kids projected on the two big screens that flank the stage. Kate didn't realize it until the end. But when she did, where do you think her attention was?

Her pal next to her here (with the red bow) is also a Kate. I can't believe they let the two of them stand next to each other. At one point before they started singing, they pulled each other down to the floor. I was sure the rest of the performance was going to be a disaster. But no. They pulled it together. It was a Christmas Miracle. Well, a small one compared to the original, anyway.Just so proud.

If you come over, I'm sure Kate will happily show you the DVD.


the captain said...

WOW, she looks like an angel!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just Beautiful.

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